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T25 Gamma: The Pain is Real

It's been very hectic in the Landsman household this last month. Between working full time again, trying to figure out Dylan's care situation, car shopping, and normal living I haven't had much time to write. However, I am still finding time to exercise because otherwise I am pretty sure I wouldn't be handling all the other stuff I just listed.

The last four weeks has been about T25 Gamma, which is a strong focus on strength. YAY WEIGHTS! After the first week I was sore. Just straight up, entire body sore. It was such a good feeling. I missed that feeling.

Let's be serious though, we've already discussed how hard Speed is. I honestly didn't think it could get any worse than Speed 2.0 and I was really wrong. First and foremost, Tania my main modifier girl...DOESN'T MODIFY in Speed 3.0. It's just all out, the entire time....death by burpees should really be what they call this workout.

Rip't Up: I love this workout since you just go through the exercises once, and that means I feel like pushing myself with heavier weights when possible. This workout has a lot of my favorites -- deadlifts, push presses, and tricep presses. It also has some moves that are deceptively hard. You think to yourself "ha down dog with plank, I can do that." Then you have all sorts of  variations, with alternating leg lifts and oblique push-ups. So yeah.IMG_1064

Extreme Circuit: Another really solid weight workout. This one is a nice mix of cardio and weights. With the burnout option I try to do a little heavier weights when I am only doing each move for 15 seconds as a challenge, but more often than not it is just moving too fast. I truly hate ski abs, whether I am walking them or jumping them. They suck. Also there are burpees with weights in this workout, because that's a thing.

The Pyramid: If you want to pretend a workout is easy, try the Pyramid. I say that because when you do one or two reps of an exercise you'll be like "piece of cake." When you have to do 11 reps you want to punch someone. Don't worry there is punching involved in this workout. Let's talk about that child's pose push-up combo. Shaun legitimately feels your pain when he says "ahh shizznizzies" during these reps. So you know something that sounds super easy is SUPER PAINFUL.

We have one more week left until we have officially completed 14 weeks of T25. I did lose weight, and my jeans fit...(let me say that again, MY JEANS FIT). The next plan is 21 Day Fix Extreme. I am a little nervous since that requires working out 7 days vs. just 5 and our weekends are already filled with stuff, but we will make it work.


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