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Dylan Sage Four Months

In case anyone was curious, I've decided my daughter is just absolutely brilliant. I mean she just knows exactly how to get me to do anythingIMG_1163 She had a busy month of hanging out with different family members -- we decided instead of sending her to daycare the first month of me being back at work she'd get to spend a week with her grandparents and her aunts. It worked as a nice transition for me and her. I have to say though having her at home while working was tough. Every time I heard a peep I was upstairs, and if I had 5 minutes I was holding her and giving her kisses. This is part of the reason we did this, I needed it more than her.


Then the first week of August we took her to daycare school. (We are calling it school at the recommendation of the director so that we don't think of it as such a long day.) The first day I was a total wreck. As I sprinted from the room crying I had to remind myself that this was going to be a great experience for her. She was going to be constantly stimulated and make friends and become more independent. By the time Friday rolled around, Dylan was basically telling me I was chopped liver when I dropped her off -- reaching for her teachers and not even fussing when I left. They send us home with pictures daily and there is no way you can photoshop those smiles. It is such a relief. IMG_1166 IMG_1128IMG_1168

In true Laney-gene fashion, Dylan is rolling over from back-to-front. Yeah, she apparently wanted to do the hard one first. She's beginning to prop herself up on her knees and try to propel herself forward. She's reaching and tracking and tracking to eat everything -- I think she might be part lizard.

Most importantly she is GIGGLING! It is the most beautiful sound in the whole entire world. Each time I get a little giggle it just lights up my day.

Music continues to be one of her favorite things and will just immerse herself in anything that makes a sound.

Night sleeping is still going strong, though since she is rolling over we now have to break her of the swaddle. This is probably the hardest thing we've done to date. For someone who fought us so long about keeping her hands in, she has come to rely on the swaddle. We waited to long to break her and now it's been tasking. This week we are trying again and we have to stick it out no matter how tired the three of us get.

Napping continues to allude us. On a good day we get one 1-hour nap...usually we are looking at 30-45 minutes. We are watching the clock and watching for signs but she just doesn't want to nap. Perhaps she just thinks the world is too exciting for her to sleep?


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