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Dylan Sage Three Months

There are several milestones between weeks 8 and 12. A lot of them have to do with how Dylan perceives the world, for me, it was the fact that I had to go back to work. This week marks the first week of work for me and the transition has been anything but easy. That's an entirely different post though.IMG_0829 Back to Dylan. Dylan took her first round of vaccines like a champ and opened up a whole new world to her.  A world that she has been intently taking in at every opportunity. The best is that we go meet new people, see new environments, and experience new sensations and she just quietly takes it all in. Then later that night while in the bath or winding down she tells me ALL about it. The coos, gurgles and screeches (these were new addition in the last two weeks) are just so entertaining. IMG_0681

Tummy Time is so much easier for her now and you can tell she is just itching to move. We've taken to letting her push her feet against our hands to start the "army crawl," and she is just so excited to go from Point A to Point B. She has also rolled from her tummy to back but apparently that's just a "mistake" and she doesn't really know she is doing it.

We've had a few nights where she has gone 12 hours (!!!!!!). If I can figure out how to get that consistent my life will be complete. Her afternoon naps have suffered a bit and she hasn't quite figured out how to nap on the go.

She's into reading books right now too. Since her room is an ode to our favorite children's stories that's a pretty good thing. IMG_0722

And since the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree -- Miss Dylan's very strong neck muscles also come with some significant tightness. We had to start physical therapy to ensure she doesn't end up with a flat head since she has started to favor one side.

We experienced our first "real" pool this month, and I do not think she was too impressed.

Watching her learn these new skills is so entertaining that I could honestly do it all day.

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