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It's a Travel Week

I am spending the majority of my week in NYC this week. This means I can either do hotel/DVD workouts OR I can try to make it to some classes that I have been dying to try or miss desperately. Especially, since we will be there through the weekend.

  1. Uplift StudiosI am still incredibly intrigued by Uplift Studios and am thinking this might FINALLY be the week I get to try one of their classes. Right now it is looking like a 7:30am Thursday Cardio class is going to fit into my schedule best. I am a little nervous because I would need to shower there to make it to work on time, but I legitimately know that there is no way possible way I can make the 6:30am. Not after waking up super early for an SMT the day before.
  2. 305 FitnessI wanted to try this because I haven't been to a dance class in like forever. She doesn't know it yet, but I am going to try to convince a friend of mine to go to this class with me on Friday. Really I just want the tank top that reads "Make Sweat Pretty.
  3. Flywheel:  Don't get me wrong, I love my spin classes here (I won't leave you Revolve!), but I miss the little competitive spark that Flywheel has. I've convinced the hubby to do a 45 minute class on Saturday morning and I couldn't be more excited.
  4. Central Park Run: I know it is going to be hot and muggy, but I love running the Reservoir and I will absolutely be doing that on Sunday morning. No questions asked (as long as it isn't raining).

Can I do a women only gym?

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