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Sounds of Summer

This weekend finally made me feel like it was summer. Maybe it was the souring temperatures and wet blanket humidity. Maybe it was the fact that I got to spend multiple days at the beach building sandcastles, playing cornhole and splashing around in the water. Or maybe it is that we get to see Paul McCartney on Friday...(eeeeck) Whatever it is, my taste in music has taken a decidedly summer turn. That means lots of country tunes a little Zac Brown, a lot of Blake Shelton and of course I am getting sucked into the Miley song of the summer.

Making playlists takes such a long long time and honestly, I'd rather have someone else do it for me. Since the heat has mostly taken me into the gym for my workouts and I'm not training for anything right now, I have been contemplating upgrading my Spotify so that I can access it on my phone. Has anyone done that? Is it worth it?

It makes sense. I already follow Strala Yoga and would love to take their lists out for a little outdoor yoga. And now, Revolve has launched a new set of playlists that I can't wait to listen to. One of my favorite things about Revolve is the thought that all their instructors put into their playlists so I am pretty excited to have them at my finger tips.RevolveSounds_SocialMediaImage_6.3.13

I just don't know if it is better than me buying all of those songs on Amazon.


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