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Can I do a women only gym?

That's the question I was asking myself as I exited Uplift Studios last Friday. I am not one to be intimidated by the dudes in the weight room, but there was something nice about walking into a gym and studio that didn't smell like stale sweat. (You know exactly the smell that I am talking about, you probably just had a PTSD reaction to it.) Uplift keeps things intimate. Classes are only allowed 10 people, which makes getting into them hard. I tried to get into a couple 7:30am classes and it just wasn't happening. With no where to be on Friday until Josh made it to NYC, I figured why not take the evening cardio class.

My first impression upon walking in was how clean everything was. In addition to notĀ smellingĀ like a gym it also had almost like a salon/spa feel to it. Water bottles and fresh towels and SNACKS are offered, but what really made me excited was that you have a phone charging station. Maybe this was just because my phone was dying so it was an immediate need.

The locker room, for which they have locks you can check out at no charge, is filled with all the goodies you could possibly want. Malin + Goetz face wash, razors, full-size towels to dry off with, bobby pins and hair ties.

But, I don't go to the gym for the perks (mostly). As I waited for my class to start I watched anxiously as the class before me did burpee after burpee, sweating through their shirts. I don't like burpees, I know their benefits. I just hate them.

My class only had three other women in it. Essentially, meaning Kate (the instructor) was going to be able to pay close attention to all of us. (awesome, no slacking off the burpees) The women upon finding out it was my first time, introduced themselves to me and assured me that if they could do it--they were a bit older than me--I could do it.

From the start of the 55 minute class, my heart climbed to 180. It would come down as we did our intervals, but during the quick bursts it was back up. I ended up burning close to 530 calories by end of class. We did weights, fancy-style jumping jacks, something that I will call hyped up running mans, and so much more. All to amazingly wonderful music. (She played the 500 Miles remix from Pitch Perfect. I mean really.)

I walked out of there completely satisfied in my decision to work out on a Friday that was over 100 degrees and had me sitting in an office with no AC for more than four hours.

If possible, I believe I will be making some trips to Uplift when I am in NYC.

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