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Long Weekend Workouts

There is something about that extra day off that seems to give me permission to have hour+ long workouts. I have extra hours to get everything done, and still relax. On Saturday I slept until noon, which was fantastic and needed desperately, since I had two very late nights during the week.  When I finally got myself going I headed to the gym to do an metabolic effect or ME workout.  I'm not very good at these workouts. Not that I can't do the actual moves...I am just no good at the whole rest part of it.

I made it my mission to take rests with the help of my HRM. After each round I rested until my rate got back down to about 135ish. It didn't take too long, but it actually helped me make it through the workout better.

My Saturday workout

Then on Sunday we had a fitness date. Josh recently expressed an interest in taking a spin class, so we signed up for a class at Revolve. It had been almost a year since I went to a class there, and Steph did not disappoint. Her playlist was amazing and my legs were on fire. Josh really liked it and now understands my love of spin classes at a dedicated studio.  HOORAH!

With my Monday I decided to do the Cathe DVD. It was absolutely the hardest DVD I've done in awhile. I'll provide a more dedicated review of the DVD tomorrow, but know that I had to get creative with my equipment.

Me getting creative...kidnapping weights from the gym and using paper plates

Do go all out when you have that extra day?

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