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Fitness DVD Review: XTrain Super Cuts

*I received the DVD for free. The opinions are my own* photo (10)

This was quite possibly the most daunting fitness DVD I have encountered in a long while. Maybe it was because I know what metabolic workouts entail, or maybe it was the break down on the back of the DVD and all the equipment that's needed.

The DVD has several options, which is amazing. You basically get to make your own workout with the "prefix" routines. I only did the first one this time around and that was absolutely enough for me.

The Prefix menu

It was the first time I felt like I was in a group exercise class at home. Cathe and the women working out with her look winded and need water just as much as you do.  The fact that they tell you on screen which weights Cathe is using (either 5lb or 8lb) is so super helpful, you actually have a benchmark to work from.

The moves themselves are not highly challenging, but are perfect for a total body day. Little things like putting dixie cups in front of you and scooping them back up when you are doing lunges--done so that you can make sure you get the burn in you bum--genius.  The bursts of cardio are really exactly what you need, not taking you to overly breathless, but bringing your heart rate up to the point where you need it to be.

Doing the moves

Cadio burst


The equipment part is pretty challenging though. I don't have a full blown home gym. I have 5lb weights, mats, and a jump rope. The DVD calls for light and heavy weights, slide n glide discs, dixie cups, firewalker loop, and a medium resistance band. So I had to get creative.

equiomentI walked into the apt gym and kidnapped a pair of 8lb weights and I went out and purchased paper plates in place of the discs. I just had to make due without the bands. It wasn't too bad, when they used the resistance band I just used weights. I am thinking though for my next routine I might sneak into the gym at an off time and hijack a room so that I have more at my disposal.


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