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Workout Review: Barre 3

The number of barre studios that have cropped up in DC is ridiculous. I don't even know how you can possibly narrow down which one to go to aside from proximity. A few weeks ago Kristen asked if I was interested in trying out Barre 3 in Georgetown. She had never been to a barre class and I haven't found a studio here that works me out as good as Figure 4 in NYC. So why not?

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Our first class with Jill was a little disappointing. It felt like we were just scratching the surface in barre moves. The ab blasts were great and while we were doing the thigh and seat work I felt a burn, but it quickly dissipated. Kristen also left feeling less than she thought she would.

We went back to a second class separately. Kristen liked her's a lot more, as did I. The class I went to this week I felt it more in my legs than I did last time, seat a bit more, but it was lacking in abs department.

Interestingly, the girl next to me was using her Polar App and said that it often mocks her after barre class. Saying "nice warm-up for the real workout." I haven't done my Physique 57 DVDs in a few weeks and I think I might have to compare. I don't remember feeling like I could go for a run after the 57 min workout, same for Figure 4.

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The space itself is pretty beautiful. I love the exposed beams. I don't adore the floor, it is a bit hard and I'd prefer some of that squishy material, but it works.

I have one more class left in my package, and I am hoping I find the instructor that gives me everything.


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