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Dylan Sage 11 Months

Dylan Sage 11 Months

I'm not going to cry because my baby is almost a year old. I'm not going to cry because she is becoming increasingly more independent and sassy. I'm just going to say that this month has been filled with milestones that have blown my mind.  

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She talks. Actually talks. It is mostly "hi," but we are working on "buh, bye" and she is so close. Mamma and Dadda are clear as day, and she will ask for more "Bamba."

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She started standing without support a few days ago, and can sit down from that position without falling down. 

Last week, she took her first steps. wo of them and it was adorable. We were so caught off guard and couldn't even believe it was happening. 


Dylan also discovered how to use the spoon herself. She scooped her oatmeal right out of her bowl and sort of got all of it in her mouth. Sort of.

We're up to six teeth! She's comprehending what I'm asking her to do and really engaging with us and those around her. She loves playing guitar and singing with Josh and when she wants more music she claps her hands.

She hates not having at least four pacis with her at a time. I wouldn't be surprised if she started juggling them at some point.

We've been going to swim lessons and she's a superstar.

Next month is big and I'm going to try really hard to keep it together until then.

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