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22 Hard Corps Review

22 Hard Corps Review

At some point, I will learn to stop doubting Tony Horton. The man knows how to build a really good workout that kicks your butt in under an hour. The resistance workouts left me feeling sore and there were plenty of times that I had to pause the video to get all the reps in during both the cardio and the resistance workouts. 


Some of the moves, such as the "chin up with runner knees" were impossible when using the pull-up assist. Others such as the plange pushups made absolutely no sense to me while the California Roll made me want to throw up from getting dizzy. 


I liked the combination of animal-style moves (I had a hate-love relationship with the gorilla crawl) and your standard weight lifting moves. I did find Cardio 1 and Resistance 1 pretty easy, the moves were probably the least challenging of the entire program.


Josh and I did the "Battle Buddy" workout once, which is when you basically use your partner as a weight and either it works your core exceptionally well or we were laughing so hard that it caused my abs to hurt the next day. 


The Special Ops Cardio, Core, and Resistance really are something special, but it was Cardio 3 that truly had me gasping for air. The rest of the workouts all have 22-second breaks between rounds. That may not seem like a lot and you'd normally be right, but Cardio 3 doesn't have a single break and you want it so badly....no matter how short. 


As much as I love Tony, we know his cheesy 3 Stooges jokes wear me down after awhile. Given we are working with such a short amount of time, we don't really have a lot of "Tony Cheese" and that is a blessing. 

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