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Celebrating One Year of Parenthood

Celebrating One Year of Parenthood

In just a one (sniffle) (sniffle) week (sniffle), my baby turns one. (I AM NOT CRYING, yes I am.) I am in the midst of planning her first birthday party, and while I am breaking my back to ensure she and her friends have a blast...I am reminding myself that we survived. That Josh and I made it through year one. She is alive and so are we. 

So while we are going to celebrate all things, Dylan, we also need to celebrate the fact that:

1. I figured out how to work a full-time job and spend time with my baby, most days. 

2. I can make a crockpot meal one handed while holding Dylan. 


3. Dylan has not eaten anything that required a trip to the ER.

4. We only called the pediatrician "after hours" three times (qualifying the after hours, because I am not going to pretend that the nurses' line and I were best friends for those first three months).

5. I have figured out the perfect route between home and school to knock out a 30-minute nap, for her, not me. 

6. Dylan only pooped in the bathtub twice. 

7. I've only been peed on twice. 

8. I snatched Dylan away from only one oldie at The Boys who tried to touch her. 

9. Dylan didn't choke on anything as we were starting solids.

10. Dylan only slipped and fell in the tub once. 


11. We managed multiple plan rides without meltdowns. 

12. I can count on one hand the number of times I wanted to murder my husband because he slept through Dylan crying.

13. We only had two stomach viruses...one that took the entire family down (Thanksgiving 2016 was awesome).

14. We know how to make reading the same five books 100x in one night interesting. 


15. Dylan appreciates Zac Brown Band almost as much as the Hokey Pokey. 

16. I've only forgotten the diaper bag twice. 

17. I've perfected the art of sleeping upright but also being comfortable. 


18. I know how to change a diaper with Dylan standing and trying to break free, while still managing to get diaper cream on her.

19. We can turn literally anything in our house into a toy...literally anything. 


20. I can read a book upside down like nobody's business.

21. I didn't forget I had a baby and leave her somewhere.

22. I accepted that many of my dresses and skirts just aren't going to fit the same way again.

23. I did however, fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes before Dylan turned one.

24. We figured out how to make exercising a fun activity for the entire family.

25. I am still alive even though I haven't slept properly in more than a year. 




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