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Dylan Sage 10 Months

Dylan Sage 10 Months

Can I stop time or at least slow it down? I feel like these last few months are just flying by way too quickly.  

We have a speed demon on our hands and if you get in her way she will just push you out of her path or go over you.  

Shes starting to connect actions and figure what comes next. Sometimes this is adorable such as when she hears the garage door open and starts looking for her daddy. The other night Josh came home and entered the room from a different side and she was so confused since she was looking in the other direction.  

Same goes for our morning routine. She insists on opening the blinds with me before I can change her diaper. If I try to do it outside of that order she points at the blinds until we open them.  

Shes also graduated from simply pointing and making a "B" sound. Now she fully says "book" but her first word was most certainly "more." It shouldn't be surprising that the first time she said it she was asking for more food.  

She will find a way to eat anything despite still only having two teeth. We gave her Bamba a few weeks ago and I honestly have no idea how she ate it. But she loved it and constantly asks for more by pointing at the cabinet and saying "more." Of you don't immediately provide it to her, she will point at you and then the cabinet as if to say "you, you get it."  

She also discovered her stuffed animals and baby dolls. She hugs them, hands them to you to hug and then takes them back.  

She's still obsessed with her books, dancing and singing. We started swim lessons and I think she's slowly figuring it out. She knows how to blow bubbles!  

Dylan Sage 11 Months

Dylan Sage 11 Months

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