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Core De Force Review: It Kicked My Butt

I absolutely adored this program. I started it at a bad, but good time...meaning December when I always fall into a false sense of "it will be slow because the Holidays/End of Year is approaching." Every. Damn. Year. So while I didn't always have the time to get in the full workouts -- especially on those days that you did more than an hour -- the punching and kicking helped get the stress out.

I was a little nervous that having two trainers would be distracting, but I loved that you had one trainer demoing while the other was explaining. It made it so much easier to understand and I felt assured that I was learning the right way to do it. Speaking of....the "Learn It, Work It" walk through? GENIUS. Why they haven't done these before, I don't know. But if you are listening Beachbody Higher Ups, do these moving forward for all the ones that it makes sense to.  

The routines were a nice mix of cardio and strength. There were some moves where I couldn't feel my core working the way they said it should be, but overall I always felt like I got a really good workout in even if I could only do 30 minutes. 

MMA Plyo seriously kicked my butt every single time, and MMA Kick Butt was another favorite cardio blast. 


I wasn't prepared for how tough the "5 Min Core on the Floor" would be. If you put your knees down it is a cake walk, if you actually stay on your toes the entire time you are shaking at the end. 


I also didn't even know there could be so many variations of a push-up. The tricep push-up in Dynamic Strength is so tough that I felt seriously accomplished when I was able to make it through one round straight. 


They also try to pretend "ground to fighter stance" isn't a burpee by not calling it that, but don't let the name trick you. It is a burpee. 


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Dylan Sage 10 Months

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