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9 Months On, 9 Months Off

I am going to say it, and you can hate me and then we can move on. Losing the baby weight wasn't all that hard. By June, I was at my pre-pregnancy weight and was happy with that milestone. But as the months wore on, I noticed I wasn't as "toned" as I used to be.


My scale victory was there, but I wasn't entirely happy with some of those non-scale victories. There are certain outfits that I used to live in, especially for work, and I didn't feel comfortable in them at all. 

Left the day before Dylan arrived; right 9.5 months later  

Left the day before Dylan arrived; right 9.5 months later  

The hardest part is adjusting how I work out. Pre-Dylan I could do an hour every day. I just completed my first Beachbody program that required more than 30 minutes a day. It was rough trying to fit it in. There are many days that I had to break up my workout and even still I often cut them short. 

I haven't been to an actual gym in months. I am working out almost exclusively at home with a few Pilates classes thrown in when I am off of work or have an extra day to get everything else done. 

I am alternating between straight cardio, body weight, and resistance training with weight and bands. I've worked in yoga and am starting to feel more beast modish than I had been. 


It's slow and steady, but it is progress. I don't know that I will be gallivanting around town in my bodycon dresses and skirts any time soon but my new "mom" look doesn't really allow for that kind of stuff anyway.  

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Dylan Sage Nine Months

Dylan Sage Nine Months