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Dylan Sage Nine Months

Dylan Sage Nine Months

I was boxing up some of Dylan's clothes the other day and I just couldn't fathom her ever fitting into some of these tiny clothes. It's probably why Josh and I have spent a couple of night s recently flipping through our older pictures of her. It might be our favorite before bed activity. 


Now on to Dylan. This month she became an expert crawler. She loves exploring and will move from one end of the house to the other in a flash.


She went from pulling herself into the seated position to pulling herself into standing in about a two week span. If she can brace herself on it she stands. She is slowly moving around her activity table and realizing that her feet can help her shift positions.


She is also clearly telling us what she wants to play with. She will point and make a "B" sound for blocks or books. Of course the trick with the books is that we have to figure out which one she wants. We usually end up pulling several down from the shelf and reading all of them.


She has picked up the word "quack" and will use it interchangeably with "moo." If you catch her on a good day she may even roar like a lion.  

She also tells us when she wants to hear music by doing a little side-to-side dance.


School tells me that when one of the other babies is crying she will go over to them to comfort them by putting her head next to them or patting their belly. I'd really love to see this in action.


Dylan has been actively asking to play the real guitar and I have a feeling we will be getting her lessons and her own guitar when the time is right.

She still only has two teeth, but I'm pretty sure more are just around the corner considering the amount of nights we've been woken up lately.


She is still enjoying feeding herself and salmon has become a favorite meal.

One of my favorite moments from the past month. She was hungry so she decided to share my lunch.  

One of my favorite moments from the past month. She was hungry so she decided to share my lunch.  

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