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Marathon Training Week 10

This week's long run was really tough. Once again I was the last person back to the store, so late that they had broken down the fueling station. While I was originally somewhat happy that I had even pushed myself 17 miles practically alone for the last 8 miles walking into that store with nothing there was a huge ego blow. In truth, I really screwed myself last week by only running 6 miles and then jumping to 17. It was stupid.  One of the guys came over to chat about training, and I pretty honest that my long runs weren't going to so hot. I was finishing them, but I wasn't happy. We started chatting about my routine, and he suggested that I wasn't getting enough miles in during the week.

Yes, I had cut out that third running day, but had done the same when I trained for Marine Corp. So I am contemplating adding back in that third day this week.

Oh, I've also been participating in #balancebasics yoga challenge this month. It's been fun finding new places to do some yoga poses to switch it up.

Monday: cardio yoga

Since last weekend was light on the training, I did a more rigorous yoga. Josh joined me, which he hasn't done in a long while. That practice gets me every time. No matter how hard I am working out I am left breathless.

A little tree pose post floating in the pool at my inlaws

Tuesday: 4 mile run

Early morning run, that was incredibly humid. I feel like the people I see on my Tuesday morning runs are not as friendly as my Saturday morning people. Maybe it is just that they are walking their dogs before work and aren't as into going to work. Pace was around 9:50.

Wednesday: cross training

Planned a total body, plus a little sprints. Got to the gym and unfortunately the two treadmills we have (this is our apartment gym, not a big box) were occupied. I did my weight workout, but didn't get to run sprints. I was a little bitter.image (15)

Thursday: 4 mile speed workout

I took to the treadmill due to 100+ degree heat and pending thunderstorms. I was able to get the sprint on the treadmill pace up pretty high without feeling like I was gasping. I know it wasn't really "real world" but it worked. I sprinted for a full minute and then light jogged for a minute. Pace was around 10:00.image (14)

Friday: gentle yoga

Nice and easy Friday workout before Saturday's long run. I could feel my hamstrings needed it. image (10)

Saturday: 17 miles

I really don't want to have to start my long runs at 5:30AM...6AM is enough for me, but as I noted above my ego is bruised when I get back and everyone else is gone already. I started off strong, but right around mile 14 my legs started to feel like heavy sandbags. I started doing a run two songs, walk one and it helped keep me going for that last three miles. I also didn't use the Nuun hydration this time around and just stuck to water, gels, salt pills and Gatorade. It made my stomach feel better...I think the fizziness of the Nuun was messing with me.  Pace slowed to a 12:18.

Yes, this is real

Sunrise on Saturday


Sunday: cross training

Upped my laps, and swam a total of 40. It was basically a 40 minute workout with a little resting between the two sets of 20 laps.

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