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Marathon Training Week 11

This week didn't go exactly as planned, because....well life. For the last few weeks I have been comfortably busy at work, and then this past week was as if everyone came back to reality.  So my training schedule didn't go as smoothly as I hoped, and my desire to increase my mileage during the week was less than successful. And in full disclosure, I am entirely over the heat. I know come "Winter" time, I will revoke that statement...but right now, I want cooler temperatures. I travel this week to New York. I am hoping to get in two runs while there -- runs that involve wearing thumb hole shirts...because it is apparently Fall there.

Monday: yoga

Being a Monday following a very packed weekend, I needed to start my day with Tara Stiles' "Energizing Strong Flow." I find that on Mondays as long as I do a bit of yoga in the morning, I don't need as many cups of tea to jump start me. Especially if there are inversions involved.

Working on balance

Tuesday: 5 miles

Made the mistake of waiting until the evening to run. Some work stuff came up toward the end of the day and it kept pushing my start time later and later. There was a hot second where I wasn't even sure it was going to happen, but I just laced up and went. Right at my turnaround spot I noticed something following me as I ran along the water. I couldn't tell exactly what it was...but it scared me enough to kick up my pace on the way back.

Those ripples behind me are from something following me...not a boat


Wednesday: Impromptu rest day

I really planned to go out for a 6 mile run today. But work had other plans. Not going to lie though, my back really thanked me for the rest.

Thursday: 4.25 miles

Morning run, because I learned my lesson the day before. It was so humid that I was sweating before I even made it down my stairs. Enough is enough already.

Cloudy sunrise

Friday: gentle yoga 

Stretching and more stretching for the next day's run.

Saturday: 14 miles

My bestie was in town and joined me for the group run. The plan was 18 miles...when we woke up and left the apartment it was pouring. When we got to the meet up point it wasn't raining anymore and I thought "gosh that was lucky" since I've only had one run ruined by a thunder/lightning storm. I felt much stronger this run than last week's run. My legs didn't feel as heavy and I was maintaining my pace pretty well. Of course, I also didn't go out with the group I had been trying to stay with. I've decided they are just too fast for me. As I was rounding back I saw a large lightning strike and cursed myself for thinking I had got off without any issues. I cut the run to 14 so as not to kill myself.

They say "red sky in the morn, sailors be warned" same goes for runners

storm rolling in

Sunday: 4 miles 

Despite going to bed at 2AM -- Rascal Flatts concert for the win -- I forced myself out of bed for a run.

I've heard people follow training plans where you don't run more than 16 miles in one day (The Hanson Borthers). I thought how does this really work? Well I found out on Sunday when I went out for 4 "make up miles" on tired legs. While it certainly isn't the same thing as running 18 miles straight, I wasn't fully recovered to the point that my legs were fresh. Again, I hate the heat.





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