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Marathon Training: Week 9

I wavered a bit this week. I was just excruciatingly tired.  I wasn't really sleeping that well and the temperatures reached "hot as hell" proportions at my normal run times. I still got three runs in....though I feel guilty about my long run turning into almost nothing. Physically it was probably the best thing for me to do at the time...mentally I am struggling with whether I set myself back. What do you do when you hit those kind of walls? Monday: full rest day

I didn't even do yoga. I went to see my PT in the afternoon to get my muscles stretched out, and that was honestly enough for me.

Tuesday: 4 mile speed

Because it was near 95 degrees when I got up to run, I decided a 4 mile treadmill speed drill was the best way to go. I pulled this off the internet and depending on how I am feeling do either 6.0 mph to 6.8 mph or 7.0 mph to 7.8 mph. It is 45 minutes long and a good heart pumping negative splits drill.

Wednesday: cross training

Total body weight circuit followed by 12 laps in the pool. I hadn't really noticed I was getting stronger until I decided to start adding in a few laps. I might actually invest in goggles now.

Thursday: "hills"

Living in Florida means hills = bridges. I ran over to the Linton bridge and decided to do hill sprints. It was so hot. Not humidity hot, but sun blazing hot. Still it I felt incredibly fast on the bridge.

The only problem with my "hills" is that they move

Friday: yoga

Just a short 20 minute yoga flexibility and strength practice to shake out my legs.

Hoping to start getting to classes again so that my solo inversion practice gets a much needed boost

Saturday: 6 miles

Today was supposed to be 13 miles, but it was 95 degrees at 5:00AM and that just didn't seem like a good idea. My body was incredibly tired in the morning before I even set out, and I just didn't want to make myself sick. The run itself was pretty good, but there was this nagging voice in the back of my head making me feel guilty for cutting it short.

so many boats

Sunday: kayaking and snorkeling and putt putt

Funtivities! In honor of our 3rd wedding anniversary we decided to do some of our favorite activities. This included kayaking over to Peanut Island and spending the day swimming among the fishes and a manatee! The water was a beautiful blue and clear, and we couldn't have asked for better weather. It was such a fun day that I honestly think kayaking might be my new favorite water activity.

Seriously the water was just gorgeous. I could spend every Sunday like this.

That's Peanut Island over yonder

We went to putt putt later in the evening. We haven't done this in almost two years, slightly because I am not the best at not getting competitive about it...but I really tried hard not to get frustrated. I think I succeeded. That might have been due to the fact that I got a HOLE IN WON!!!! Wooohoo winner.


We played the Everglades course...and I may have lost my ball to an alligator


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