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WIAW: Snack Bar Edition

The Landsman-Household is a true believer of bars as snacks. Sometimes they even accompany a yogurt breakfast, mostly though they serve as mid-morning or afternoon snacks, or the emergency food source when we don't have immediate access to food. See we get a little hangry over here and we try to be as prepared as possible. Over the years we have tried a myriad of bars. It all just depends on what is on sale, what we read recently and taste preference. There are some that we had that left you with a gross chalky feeling in your mouth and that just isn't fun.

Taste is kind of the important part for me. I am not a huge chocolate fan so I tend to stay away from those, and I don't really want ones riddled with sugar (we are talking about 15 grams).

EnterĀ 2 Degrees. I received these via a blogger outreach program and got a trial box of their four flavors -- Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cherry Almond, Chocolate Banana and Apple Pecan. Each bar uses natural ingredients, is low sodium, gluten free and GMO free.

Since we had a long travel day ahead of us for Tahoe I threw them in my carry on as our go-to snack (glad we did that since our hour layover in Denver turned into 20 minutes).

Overall the bars were a lot crunchier than the ones we have been eating recently and that is always a plus in my book. I like my snacks to be crunchy. There is quinoa and chia seeds among other grains that make the cunchiness.

Cherry Almond was absolutely my favorite and Josh really liked the Apple Pecan.

I feel like you can see the crunchy yumminess here


Both had this almost dessert like taste to them. All the tastiness, none of the guilt!

Eating for a Cause -- 2 Degrees abides by a "buy-one-give-one" model. So for every bar you buy, the company feeds a hungry child.




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