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Marathon Training: Week 7

Week 7 is in the books, and we are under 80 days to the New York City Marathon.  After my long run last week, I decided it was time to cut back on the number of times I was running during the week. I think my body just needs a bit more recovery time as the mileage continues to creep up. I bought a new foam roller -- I upgraded to a more intense kind. And now I am really crying every time I roll out my legs. My calves are in particularly bad shape and despite being a shorty-mcshortison I am avoiding wearing heels at all cost.

August is just bad in general -- when I lived in NYC I just gave up wearing makeup and never did my hair because before I stepped outside I was sweating. This is magnified in Florida, and I fully forgot that. So while it might make sense to run in the morning for most people, I just couldn't take the humidity anymore and traded morning rungs for evening runs. It was still absolutely hot, but it was just heat and not the wet hot blanket.

Monday: Yoga

My regular yoga practice has been somewhat derailed since I started training. Today I broke out Tara Stiles "This Is Yoga" and did a Strong Flow. It had been awhile since I'd done this DVD and I forgot how much I love her instructions into inversions.10614599_10105567415591341_785880729_o

Tuesday: 3.15 Miles

An evening run, that was much needed after a stressful work day. It was definitely still hot but I didn't mind it since it was more of a dry heat.

Wednesday: 5 Miles

We went on a run date to the beach. It was really nice, and the sunset was looking gorgeous. And then while we were on the beach it started to thunder and lightning. So that spooked us a bit, and we took off for home. I probably ran the fastest mile I have run in ages, about a 8:15. I guess trying to beat a storm is good motivation.

The clouds gathered a lot quicker than I anticipated

Thursday: Cross Training

I decided it was time to give my legs extra rest. So I did an upper body workout (pull ups, shoulder presses and the likes) and pair that with some laps. It was a nice break in the day. And I don't think I am getting any better at swimming as I am still winded all. the. time.


Friday: Rest Day

Gearing up for Saturdays long run.

Saturday: 13.18 Miles

I ended up running with a new person from my training group. It was really nice, but I continue to feel a little down on my in ability to keep up. Everyone just seems so much faster. Shirley recommended I really start attending the Thursday speed workouts. She said it really helped her improve.  About mile 10 my knees started to feel like heavy weights and I think that means its time to get serious about active recovery stretching with a professional. I will be looking into scheduling those this week.


Sunday: Rest Day

I woke up completely exhausted and decided to just listen to my body.

We are heading into the halfway point...and I think I will be focusing more on the speed drills making it a point to get to those workouts on Thursdays to improve my long runs.

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