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Marathon Training: Weeks 5 & 6

I dub these past two weeks "a break from humid running." I was in NYC for much of the first week. Before my first run in NYC the news said it was a humid one out there -- I was prepared. Had my extra water, my body glide and a way to stash my shirt if I needed to. Then I stepped outside and was shocked by the cool breeze and the feeling of late spring. I chuckled to myself that THIS was humidity? I'm sure four years ago when I still lived there it would have been, but not after two solid months of summer in Florida. The past week, I traded humidity for altitude. Amazingly I found running at 7,000+ feet above sea level easier than 90% humidity. Maybe it's because I gave myself a day to adjust. I had 12 miles scheduled but was going to adjust for altitude and just do 6 miles. But I felt good, really good and pushed a little more.

Now I'm back for some long runs in August -- I don't know if I can get up earlier than I already am, but this last long run I finished before 8:30AM and it was already blazing.

Week 5: Monday: rest day -- good timing since I got in late the night before.

Tuesday: 3 miles scheduled, but the lack of humidity pushed me farther to 4.11 at a ridiculously fast pace of 8:51 (for me at least). It also may have been that I really wanted to treat myself to a tea latte from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

I may treat myself regularly to these when I am in NYC

Wednesday: 6 treadmill miles blech

Thursday: 3 miles back to slow humid miles

Friday: swimming, I'm really enjoying laps

Saturday: rest/travel day

Sunday: 9 seriously hilly miles. Honestly I felt amazing and was so happy to get a run in on some hills since we don't have those here.

Week 6: back off week

Monday: yoga --mostly restorative, at the rec center. It was really slow and I was so insanely bored. I didn't even know I could get bored in yoga.

Tuesday: 3 miles on the treadmill -- it was rainy and cold outside and being that it was August I didn't think I needed my crops, long sleeves AND a jacket.

Wednesday: I took the most amazing yoga class. It was very different than your standard classes and was almost like the pressure point massages I used to get, but with stretching. I felt so loose in my legs I couldn't believe it.

Thursday: rest -- 1:00am home arrival time doesn't bode well for a run

Friday: 2.5 miles easy run just to get my legs ready for the next day

Saturday: 10 very hot, very humid miles. I had an average pace of 10:01, which wasn't so bad. I don't know what I'm going to do as the mileage increases 5:00am start times?

Sunday: weights and swimming -- it was really hot this weekend and a water based activity was entirely necessary.



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