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Marathon Training Week 2

This week was all about ensuring I didn't get off track while traveling. Luckily, I arranged my travel (and fun activities) in a way that actually made it quite easy. Monday: Rest Day

Resting on Mondays is quickly becoming my favorite thing. Mostly because I am exhausted after the weekend, even though I am not a wild party animal. I just like being able to sleep a whole hour later. Starts my week right.

Tuesday: 3Miles

Another incredibly humid run. I might have to consider starting earlier than 6AM, but I just don't know if that is feasible. I struggled on this run and it was really slow, and unfortunately a double back route. My average pace was 9:52.

Wednesday: 5Miles

These morning thunderstorms are putting a damper on my outdoor running. I took to the treadmill and had the entire gym to myself so I was still able to get into the zone. I kept an easy pace of 9:30. Of course I was on a treadmill, soooo.

Thursday: 1.5Miles

My plan was to get up early enough to get 3 miles in and some weight training. Unfortunately, my plane to NYC was delayed by 2 hours and I didn't get to my hotel until close to 12:00AM. Instead, I ran a short distance and then did a total body workout that included weighted squats, upper body, and core work.

Thursday night, I had dinner at Grand Central Oyster Bar, which was delicious. 10521588_10105415794985251_1881894632_o

Friday: Yoga

I was feeling a little tight in my lower back. A combination of plane travel and two weeks of running. I've been trying really hard to ensure I am giving myself at least 30 minutes of stretching after each run, but obviously that isn't always doable. So a little extra yoga never hurts. The hotel I stay at in NYC provides DVDs and so I decided to try one of Rodney Yee's flows. I've heard his name 100s of times, and funny enough just finished reading Orange Is the New Black and he was the inmates yogi of choice. It was a little slower than what I was used to, and his terms were WAY different. But I was stretched.

Saturday: 9Miles

My best friend Jaclyn, who is also running NYC this year, somehow convinced me to come out to Brooklyn for a long run. I was game mostly because I didn't want to run alone, again. I was really excited for a change in venue. We ran Prospect Park, and I ended up running the majority of the time with her DetermiNation Coach. It was a great run, so much less humidity than Florida has been spitting at me. Average pace 9:32. 10555372_10105422495207951_2016384860_o

The hills in Prospect Park really got me, and made me realize that (a) I need to start working in hill repeats somehow in the very flat state that I live in and (b) I might have to arrange for a few more long run dates in NYC to get in those bridges.

I forgot to take my Myothon before, but immediately took it after. Hoping to ward off the aches because my stretching consisted mostly of whatever I could do on the subway ride back.

I think it also helped that we were walking a lot on Saturday shopping for wedding dresses.

Sunday: Rest/Yoga

I did a few stretching yoga moves in the hotel room before we headed out. I originally planned to head to a yoga class later in the evening, but inclement weather brought me home to Florida earlier than scheduled.

Plus I was bouncing around with a little chickadee and I was pretty wiped.


Week 3 finally gets me connected with the running group here. Which means a REALLY early Saturday morning.


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