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Marathon Training Week 3

This was an exciting week for me. Mostly because I was finally linking up with a running group to keep me motivated and I would get a new route! Thankfully this was a "back off" week. I say thankfully, because I had some terrible runs that left me scared I had already injured myself -- shin splints are the worst. At my Runner's Edge orientation on Thursday, I mentioned that I was already feeling achy and my new awesome coaches (who have run for colleges, competed in Olympic Marathons, and served as coaches for Universities) may have told me that I was running in the wrong shoes for distance running. This obviously meant I had to buy new shoes!!! Who doesn't love new running shoes?

While I have been a Saucony devotee for almost three years, after some discussions and recommendations with the coaches (and running shoe experts) I decided to try Asics again. It has been years since I ran in Asics.

I am now the proud owner of Gel-Kayano 20 Lite Show in mint. I will be running in them this week for the first time, but first impression is that they are surprisingly light. Also, the Plus 3 technology adds height to help relieve achilles tension, which is fantastic for me right now.



And they reflect light! Which is great, considering the longer my runs get the more likely I will be running in low light (or no light) hours. Hopefully these are the right shoes to keep my shin splints at bay. I'll follow up in next week's post.






Monday: Flexibility Yoga

Ok, so I may have done Flexibility Yoga instead of it being a truly off day.

Tuesday: 3Miles

I started to get really anxious here when my legs immediately tightened up when I started my run. It was slow...average pace 10:40 because I couldn't shake the pain.

Wednesday: 5Miles

I decided to shake things up because I couldn't stand another run on my route at this point and did negative splits on the treadmill. I had an average pace of 9:00.

Thursday: Rest Day

I couldn't do it. My legs, especially my shins, had enough. So I rested, knowing that I didn't want to blow my first group run.

Friday: Gentle Yoga

In an effort to keep my legs fresh for Saturday's run. I did a little gentle yoga.

Saturday: 6Miles

First group run. Who knew there were so many people who had no issues waking at 5AM to beat the heat? It was a good run, and I am so glad I rested Thursday and Friday, because I had little pain when I was running. New route, new people...awesomeness. Average pace 10:10.

Sunday: More Yoga!

Ok, I promise next week will bring about more cross training. My mom was in town so we went to yoga at the Colony Hotel with live music. More on that later this week. DSC_01851

Workout Review: Yoga with Live Music at Colony Hotel

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