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Marathon Training Week 1

This first week was all about figuring out my routine. I got used to waking up extra early, shifting my yoga class schedule, and getting back into the swing of early bedtimes on Fridays. I did a lot of research on new hydration and refuel options. I am trying Nuun and Salt Stick and Myothon right now. (reviews later once I have a full experience on them) I also adjusted my desired pace since it has been so humid out. Slow and steady...as long as my body adjusts to the miles.

Monday: Rest day...I always find rest days hard when I am supposed to take them. It's a forced feeling of being lazy...or at least that's how I look at it.

Tuesday: First official run. 3Miles, out early in the morning. Got home and Josh asked if it was raining out because I was so sweaty.

Wednesday: 5Miles a new route. The hardest part about running around here so far is finding safe routes. I got in a few miles at race pace (about 9:30 right now).

Thursday: 3Miles nice and easy. Slower than the previous two runs. And then I hit up a new yoga class as part of my designated "weight training." It was a nice compromise to stretch out my legs.

Friday: Technically a rest day, but I couldn't go to a BBQ without doing SOMETHING. I focused on arms and abs to give my legs a full rest.

Saturday: Woke up to get my 8Miles in, to a fierce thunderstorm. Lightening, pouring rain, loud claps of thunder don't make for smart running. So I downloaded a movie and headed to the treadmill. Amazingly, the run wasn't so bad, and I took Myothon before and after in the hopes of a quick recovery.

Sunday: Just a little tight in the legs, but for the most part I was moving pretty well. Headed to yoga for my cross training. It was a perfect end to the week.runkeeper


Marathon Training Week 2

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