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Workout Review: PurCycle

When you think of boutique cycle studios you usually only hear about FlyWheel or SoulCycle. For people who aren't spin aficionados they can be incredibly intimidating and overwhelming. That's not the case with PurCycle in Delray Beach. The best way to describe PurCycle is a Mom & Pop studio -- and I don't mean that in a bad way -- just don't expect to walk in to an expansive studio with bells and whistles. (Truth: I tried calling before I went the first time and both times got an automated recording that just looped.)

I wasn't completely wowed when I walked in. I had to tell the owners that I was new and needed a tour or at least an explanation. The website said they use a Performance IQ heart rate monitoring system, but this wasn't explained to me at all. This also isn't a studio that requires spin shoes...that's nice a plus for someone who isn't sure they are going to get really into spinning.524529_262285090619153_1244077301_n

The actual spin studio is simple. There is a TV screen at one end of the room for the heart rate monitors (only two people in my class were actually using it) and the bikes circle the instructor. 1909187_267531066761222_1012292191_o

I took a Pur[Power] class with Jenny.  As described it was a HIIT class, and honestly it was. We got our heart rates up and they really didn't come down. The music was really motivating, and Jenny was a great instructor. You could tell her regulars really enjoyed her, as there was heckling from the group. It was a really good class, and I felt like I worked hard and earned my relaxing pool day.10503405_10105358178169811_1546546397_o

They have a few other classes -- a Pur[Energy], Pur[Endurance], and Pur[Cycle]. All are 60 minutes and range from focusing on heart rate to hills and sprints. A description of the classes can be found here.

The packages are cheaper than say Flywheel, but there doesn't appear to be an unlimited option.  I might try one of the other classes at some point during marathon cross training time, but I am not rushing back.




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