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It Begins: Marathon Training

I officially begin training for the NYC Marathon this week. I've been dreading it slightly because the humidity is just unbearable already and I know it is going to be hard. Like real hard. So I've signed up for a running group with Runner's Edge in Boca. I start Saturday morning runs with them in two weeks. It will be nice to have people to run with. But what will be really nice is learning new routes.

I went ahead and downloaded Higdon's iPhone app for my training schedule. I'm going to do the Novice 2, which has me running four times a week, cross training one day, and resting for two.

With my long runs happening on Saturdays, I am going to keep my Sundays for yoga. It's likely that one of the other two rest days will be a yoga day too.

I'll keep the cross training day flexible -- swimming, cycling, strength training and maybe a little barre.

It all starts Monday...we have a long summer ahead of us. Here we go!



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