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Once You Go Minimalist

Can you go back? That's question I am asking myself now that the Kinvara 4 has entered my life. From the second I opened that fancy shmancy packaging (kickassmus brilliant) I knew I was in for something special. 900073_10103395249015571_139689326_o One they are brilliantly yellow and hot pink. I note this because I've been jealous of everyone's pretty shoes for a long while. Two I didn't feel like I was holding a single thing in my hand, which was intriguing. 897071_10103397547065261_1007197752_o

I am a devoted Saucony runner. I've done a few Ride versions and ran my first marathon in Guides. I almost had a freak out when I wasn't able to get a new pair with enough time to break them in. Despite all of that, I was terrified of the minimalist.

Kinvara has made me want to try others. On my last few runs I had started feeling like my shoes were just plain heavy and weighing me down. Slipping into the Kinvara changed all that. I felt like I was running faster because my legs were lighter.

Yes, I have only done 3 miles and a few treadmill runs, but I can't wait to take them out for longer runs. I think they will help me shave some time off my runs. We shall see as I have two races coming up in the next few months.

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