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Everyone Is Burning More Calories

The online fitness community is really encouraging and helpful when you are looking for some motivation and inspiration. I've tried different classes because Twitter buddies have recommended them.  I bought a HRM because I'd only seen rave reviews and how they helped improve workouts. Thing is, that fitness community also makes me think I am doing something wrong sometimes, especially when I see people posting photos on Instagram of their workouts where they're killing it. We are talking 600-800 calories with descriptions like "arms and back day" or "bootcamp." Yet, when I am wearing my HRM I am lucky if I reach 400 calories. How is that possible?

Since I started using a HRM my goal has been to try to spend about 50% in fitness and fat burning mode during my workouts, especially when I am lifting weights. Even when I am with my trainer our workouts leave me in the high 300-range, and there are days when I see spots.

TRX; cardio bursts and only a few calories burned

When I see those 800 calorie images I just want to message them and say "how long are you working out," "what are you doing differently," "what can I do aside from running a half marathon to burn that many calories?" They HAVE to be working out for like two hours right?

This workout always leaves me gasping; yet minimal calories

Maybe I am just not pushing myself hard enough during my workouts, but I am breathless and my heart rate is up to 175 at times. Sure it comes down quickly, but isn't that the indication that I am super fit?

Just a tiny total body workout with cardio bursts

So for those of you who are regularly knocking out 600-800 calorie workouts, what are you doing?


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