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Sidelined and Other Ramblings

I am the perfect example of how not to take care of yourself. There are studies out there that show that stress depletes your immune system and once your stress dissipates your immune system is flooded and then you get sick. Well that happened to me last week. I was go, go, going and then I had to come to a screeching halt that sidelined me for nearly a week. My god does it suck to not have the energy to go for a run when it is insanely gorgeous outside. Thankfully, my week off has me feeling much better (though not 100% just yet).

When you have a cold do you do "take it easy exercises" or just lay on the couch and sleep like I did?

Unfortunately, part of my being ridiculously strung out on stress meant I let some reviews slide. I completely and sincerely apologize to Kona Kase for this delayed review. (Disclosure: I received Kona Kase for free in exchange for this review)March to April 2013 066


Kona Kase is a nutrition delivery subscription box, similar to my lovely BirchBox and StichFix obsessions.  Each month you get a box of eight sports nutrition products. I've been running for a long, long time so I have my training and race day nutrition down, but am ALWAYS looking for some good filling snacks. March to April 2013 067

Since I was traveling a lot this month, I threw basically half of the box's contents into my travel bag and went from there. The BRUBAR saved me while I waited for the FDA to make a decision on my client's product. Would I ever order the SunCups? Probably not. March to April 2013 070

If you are a beginner runner looking for fueling options I think this is a great way to test out different products, for only $15/month. Or if you are just looking for ways to fuel your workouts I recommend it.

If you are interested in trying out Kona Kase you can get 50% off your first month by using the code "cohen."

If you do try Kona Kase let me know how you like it.

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