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Is there an exercise you just can't do?

Do you have that one exercise that no matter how in shape you are you just can't seem to do? Not like you want to puke because it is so hard, but your body just won't do it? I have a few...

1) Table tops..brought to you by Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 DVD. I cannot for the life of me do this move. There is something in the movement from a hover to the bridge that my arms just refuse to complete. It isn't just this particular exercise either. Any time that I am required to move while in this bridge position I pretty much fail. I just can't.

2) Step Classes are the bane of my existence. I have short little legs so it takes me longer to get around the step...sometimes that means I add an extra move.  I once went to a class in NYC and the instructor actually called me out and made fun of me. Needless to say I have never attended another step class.

3) Thigh dancing from Physique 57. I honestly don't know if I do these right because I have only ever done them at home, but I feel like I look silly. Thus, I think I MUST be doing them wrong. Who knows. But, if I ever attend a live class I anticipate being told I need to do it differently.

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