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A little taste of mommyhood

I got a little taste of what it might be like to be a working mom this week. I took two "half-days" to spend time with one of my favorite little people in the entire world. While we played on the playground, colored, blew bubbles, and watched Super Why (I can't figure this show out and it really bothers me that they change the fairy tales) I watched my phone from afar light up with emails. That first evening I spent a good four hours after dinner wrapping  a few items up, and I was exhausted. I knew deep down that when my alarm went off in the morning to exercise it wasn't going to happen.

Then on Friday, we had a mini-fire drill that pushed me back a few hours and meant that I took calls on the playground. Luckily, my clients understood and my little bundle of fun didn't get too angry with me when I asked her to color while Aunt Laney took a call. (We were inside then, I wouldn't have taken my eyes off her I swear.)

It was tough, and I was giving her back after a few hours!

I honestly don't know how you do it AND keep an active lifestyle. That juggling just doesn't feel like it is humanly possible. So seriously, more power to you..and when the time comes (MANY moons from now) I am going to want those tips.

Sofia reading
Sofia reading

And now some cuteness...

Laney and Sofia One
Laney and Sofia One

Is there an exercise you just can't do?

A little less running, a lot more dancing