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Marathon Week: Is Carbo-Loading Totally Necessary?

I've never really believed in carbo-loading. I think it is because I love carbs too much and eat them way too often to see a real difference. Yes, I will eat my pasta the night before the big race, but do I really need to add on a bagel, some garlic bread and whatever else my little heart desires? Then I saw this article via the ever lovely Katie's Pinterest. It breaks down the optimal calories that need to be added during marathon training (a little late for the race, but whateves).

For a 150-pound person, the math would look like this:

150 pounds x 10 = 1500 (This represents, crudely, your resting or basal metabolic rate—the energy, or calories, you need to stay alive at rest.)

1500 x 0.10 = 150

1500 x 0.75 = 1125

TOTAL = 2775 calories per day needed

For dinner: the article recommends pasta, protein like a tuna, a red sauce or olive oil and some tomatoes. Check that off as what Laney is having for pre-race dinner.

For breakfast: she actually recommends pancakes, a protein shake AND a banana! That to me sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. I will be sticking with my oatmeal, peanut butter and banana thank you very much.

Post race: chocolate milk...mmmm. Has to be my favorite part of finishing a long run. That and the massive amount of food that I will consume and not feel guilty about in the least bit.

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