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Marathon Week: Let's Talk Music

Before training for MCM I was devoted to my iPod when running. I couldn't leave home without it and if it died in the middle of the run...THAT was a disaster. Even when I trained for my half marathons in NYC with Kristin (different one) and McKenzie I had one ear bud in while we ran. We all did. During this training time though, that just didn't happened. My long runs included chats with Kristin. Sure when I was alone on my tempo and speed runs I was listening to music.

So the question is what do I do for race day? Part of me says bring the iPod just in case you need to get out of your head. Another part says just enjoy it...then my brain reminds me how much I HATE Haines Point and will desperately want my music.

I have a playlist that is about 3 hours with some good songs on there. Old school No Doubt, new school techno stuff. I think I need a few more songs just to be safe. Throw your suggestions in the comments please!

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