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Marathon Week: Here We Go

Taper has been good to me. The 11ish miles through the zoo and the 9 miles on Saturday to bagels had me feeling refreshed and like I could take on anything. So much better than my last 20 miler that left me tired, in pain and unsure whether I would even be able to complete the marathon. I also started getting neuromuscular massages once a week, which have revolutionized my incredibly tight legs that NEVER seemed to loosen up.

I feel ready. Sunday is just a few days away and I am getting excited to experience this.

Of course, being the type-A person that I am I started checking the weather as soon as it would appear on my 10-day planner. Yesterday it was cloudy 70/54, 10% chance of rain. Today, we are looking at 64/48, lots of humidity and 30% chance of rain. Lovely, just what I want to run my first marathon in. Literally, there was not ONE run that was done in the rain during training. There was one 15 miler that Kristin and I raced the clouds and got sprinkled on a bit, but that's nothing.

I really don't want it to rain for a couple of reasons. 1) I hate that humid feeling where you are warm so you take your jacket off and then you are cold. Happened during the GW Parkway 10M and that sucked. 2) The spectators. I need them, I need them to cheer me on even if they are strangers and if it is raining we may see less of them. 3) I hate that squishy feeling in your feet when your shoes and socks are soaked.

Given that we have six days until the race, I am praying something changes. Or that it is only going to rain after 2 pm.

And now a photo of us from the Color Run.


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