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If I Ran the Zoo

Taper time is here! Along with just being exhausted...I am tired of running the same routes so when we needed to find one for today that had us hitting 15 miles I decided to get creative. Inspired by my love of being a running tourist and the fact that it is simply gorgeous out right now...I decided to find one that took us through the zoo. I haven't been excited for a run like this in ages. I met Kristin and Megan in Georgetown and headed up Rock Creek Parkway and then of course up, up Connecticut until we reached the zoo.

I haven't actually been to the zoo since we moved here and honestly after this morning I have no idea why. We started small with the monkeys--disappointed until we looked up and saw them hanging out.

The coolest thing was the "O-line" which allows the resident Orangutan to literally swing from habitat to habitat. He was too engrossed in his breakfast to give us a show, but I am now officially dying to see it. Then we ran over to the seals and sea lions, hit the wolves and the bears.

Then we headed over to the "Big Cats." And I have to tell you, in all my zoo visiting years I have never seen or heard lions be so active. It must have been feeding time, because they were talking to each other and staring at the three of us like we would be incredibly tasty.

After the zoo we headed back to Rock Creek and then back into Georgetown. I had so much energy today and felt really good. Feeling like ok, I can do this.

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