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A Runner's Crisis

At some point during my decision to become a serious runner I became a shoe snob. It used to be I walked in tried on ones that felt comfortable. If they were on sale, double whammy. But as my miles increased my need for the RIGHT shoe increased. Saucony is my brand of choice and I've used the Ride 4 and more recently the Guide 5. That Guide 5 is what I've been using to train. Last week, I noticed my knees were hurting a bit more an usual and realized "crud I probably need new shoes." So I walked myself over to Pacers Clarendon and asked for my shoes. No go, but they had them in Silver Springs and could get them to me no later than Wednesday. Perfect I said and went about my business.

Except when I returned from NYC on Wednesday, there was no message telling me my shoes were in. A quick call told me the shoes were "lost" or what I've decided we're sold to someone else. Frustrated, but not in panic mode I called Potomac Running. They had one pair on hold for someone else but I could have them if they didn't show up. Not taking that chance I called Georgetown Running Company, only to be told "nope we're out."

That's when the panic set in. I looked them up on Saucony. They were only in the sale section....ok I can live with that price! Unfortunately, they don't have overnight shipping and expedite meant 3-4 business days. I called begging. There was nothing they could do...try Zappos.

Fine, Zappos had them but not at the sale price and 1 day shipping was $25. Let's be honest, at this point I was willing to pay anything to get my shoes here before my run.

I called and reached Christopher. Who listened to me whine and beg for a match price. He gave it to me (one time special deal) AND upgraded my account to give me free shipping.

My shoes arrived on Friday in time for me to get in a short break in run before my 20 miler. So thank you Zappos for saving me from a serious runner's crisis.


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