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Exercise Apps Fall Short

Thanks for marathon training I've finally tested out apps like RunKeeper and MapMyRun. They've worked out great for the most part, but are really just used so that I know where I am going. My use of the Nike Fuel band lasted approximately three months, and then I got bored. So it was really interesting to see Brigham Young University's (BYU) study on the effectiveness of these apps actually changing lifestyle behavior. Researchers analyzed 127 of the most popular apps with most falling short on this goal because they weren't based on the sound scientific theories proven to spur real behavior change.

It all came down to lack of customization. Getting general recommendations means you are less likely to follow through (hence my boredom with the band).

Essentially, we need to start seeing a combination of apps built on psychological principles that trigger true behavior change for them to make a real impact.

The study was based on apps from 2009, the newer ones might be better.

Are there any apps that you use religiously that have changed your behavior?


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