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Tomorrow I Become a Marathoner

Everything comes down to tomorrow. All my early weekend morning runs. All my speed and hill drills. All the conversations and all the questions have prepared me for tomorrow. If someone asks me if I am ready, I can confidently say "I am ready for the first 20 miles." Those last 6.2 on the other hand I am really counting on leaving my body and not even remembering what is happening. Despite the Frankenstorm that is going to make me seriously wet and cold. I am excited. I just hope that the spectators are still excited and planning to be there.

The Expo yesterday pumped me up. The post this morning from Marine Corps pumped me up. The fact that my parents are currently on a plane on their way here has pumped me up.

I am pumped and ready for this.

For those of you who aren't in DC, but want to stalk me...you can do so here.

I will ask the hubby to update on my status when he sees me...so follow @Josh_Landsman for updates too. I am also trying to link my Twitter account to live Tweet, but who knows if I did that right.

See you on the other side!

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