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Pure Yoga: Restorative Yoga


I've always thought of yoga whether it was intense "power yoga," or "slow flow" as a relaxation technique. Something to take my mind off of things for awhile and give my body a good stretch. I had never thought about trying "restorative yoga," but after a hard partying weekend for one of my best friend's bachelorette party it sounded delectable.

Typically Jaclyn attends slow flow before going to an hour of restorative at Pure Yoga. This was our intention until we both fell asleep. When we woke up restorative still sounded like a good idea, so we went. In case you are new to restorative, props (blocks, bolsters, blankets, etc.) are used for support so that you can hold a pose longer.

Some of the poses were just exactly what I needed--supported child's pose...jackpot! my brain completely shut off at one point.


The lady next to me was snoring away and I didn't want to move. There is something about savasana that kicks my brain back on; I've decided that it's because my brain doesn't shut off at night either and this most closely resembles bed time pose.

It was a nice way to wind down the weekend, and I was incredibly relaxed at the end. However, about halfway through I got this itchy feeling that I wanted/needed to move. To be doing SOMETHING else. After class I mentioned this to Jaclyn who had the same response. We both decided that had we gone on a long run or to a different yoga class (like we planned) right before we wouldn't have had that feeling.

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