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Strong Is the New Pretty

Last night on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams they did a segment on the amazing women athletes breaking new ground in the Olympics this year. They listed everyone from Gymnast Gabby Douglass to Archer Miranda Leek. These women athletes have broken records, inspired millions, and redefined what pretty is. I watched closely as Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh and April Ross and Jennifer Kessy made it farther than the Men's Beach Volleyball Team.

More importantly though, were the sports less well known as woman sports. I am talking about Judo and Archery. Or the sports where we dethroned champions (women's pole vault) while wearing sparkly headbands.

And even watching Alex Morgan win the match against Canada by using her head! Her head! How many times have you seen a women's team win like that?

I've always enjoyed watching the Olympics and watching strong women, like Misty and Kerry who have families at home achieve their dreams. That's inspiring. That what makes strong is the new pretty.

I'll find the video a little later today and post it for your viewing pleasure.

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