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Janie B-Party and Nantucket 034
Janie B-Party and Nantucket 034

While in Nantucket, MA last weekend Josh and I discovered the true meaning of "like riding a bike" when we spent the day biking around the island. Neither of us had tried our hand at bike riding since we were young, not teenage young, young young. Obviously the many hours I log in spinning class doesn't count. Since moving to the D.C. area we have talked at length about buying bikes--not necessarily the really hardcore cycle-enthusiast bikes, but out for a nice weekend ride when you don't just want to sit around bike. I think our little ride this weekend totally sealed the deal, at least for me it did.

Here's why:

I love being active. I like exploring, which is one of the reasons I love running so much. I can go out for an exploration run no matter where I am and stumble upon something interesting. Josh hates running with me. We don't go at the same pace (I am a little faster) and I run much farther for much longer than he likes to. Biking was something we can do together and actually be together at the same time.

I'm already researching our bike options....

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