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Happy Birthday Lululemon Clarendon: Tabata Workout

Lululemon Clarendon celebrated their fifth birthday this week with a "Tops Off Tabata Workout." The tops off being optional. Shutting down Edgewood right across from Whole Foods, I joined probably close to 50 others for a 60 minute tabata routine led  by Matt Boehmer  of Energy Club. I've done brief tabata workouts before we are talking 20 minutes or less, and NEVER one in the hot, hot sun. The actual exercises were pretty easy, and I loved that Matt gave us options. I took it easy on the plyos since I had training the next day and didn't want to have non-fresh legs. I really liked the "touch jumping jacks" and the push ups that rotated into the side planks. I didn't like the burpees, but who really likes those?

There were some technical difficulties but it didn't put a damper on the day and everyone just went with the flow. Although we started earlier the heat really kicked it up a notch by 10AM, and the thought of waffles and grilled cheese was the only thing keeping me going.

It was a great event, and a wonderful way to celebrate Lululemon Clarendon.

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