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Marathon Training is Freaking Me Out

Back when I lived in NYC I made the commitment to do New York Road Runners' 9+1 program to qualify for the 2012 Marathon. I did it in record time aka before moving to DC--then a dear friend decided to get married on race day. I was not missing their wedding for 26.2 miles especially when I was now living in the city for the Marine Corp Marathon. So I postponed NYC and signed up for MCM. Fast forward and now it is time to start training and I am completely freaked out.  I haven't started my base training, nor run more than 8M on a good week. Work and moving, and a full summer travel schedule for weddings and what not has me more stressed about fitting it in than anything else.  Not to mention I recently injured my toe and had a doctor tell me running long distances wasn't the best (I told him we could check back in after the marathon).

I know it is an enormous commitment to train for a marathon and I want that feeling of accomplishment. So this weekend I stopped by my local running store, got fitted for some new shoes and insoles to help with my injury, bought a little water bottle to hold during base runs, and Runner's World Marathon Training guide.

On top of that a few people from the DC-Twitter-running community started a "long-run-email-list." Now, that I have things mapped out I am feeling a bit more settled and know that I just need to get out there and DO IT.

ADVICE: I know I need to purchase some sort of water system to run with especially since my long runs will be in the height of summer. I'm pretty minimalist so not sure what my best option is..a belt with 2 or 4 bottles or a Camelbak? And do you have any suggestions on brands?

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