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Workout Review: Physique 57

As I mentioned in my Figure 4 post, I have a new found love for barre exercises and after some encouragement from Jess decided to invest in Physique 57's ultimate workout set. I've been doing the DVDs as recommended, which means two full body (I do Vol 1 & 2), one 30 minute full body and a booster for almost a month now. The first thing I've noticed is that THIS STUFF IS HARD. Despite mostly standing in one place I am breathless after the first 20 minutes (10 minutes for the express stuff). Personally the arm exercises are a little easy, but my thighs are always burning each and every time I do these routines, same with my abs.

For me the hardest disc has been the Vol 2 Advanced Express 30 Min Full Body. The plie variations and standing glute work really kill me.

Sometimes I think I am doing some of the hip and glute exercises wrong, especially the thigh dancing, based on what the instructor is saying. Makes me think I could benefit from a class or two the next time I am in NYC.

I would highly recommend these for anyone looking for a body weight exercise to do at home.

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