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A Hotel That Fits Me

It's been a full year since I transitioned into working remotely and traveling back and forth to NYC. I've stayed in everything from boutique hotels to Quality Inns (awful, just terrible). For awhile I was at the Roger on Madison Ave. The rooms were great, and the gym was a good size and workable. Then the price just sort of skyrocketed and I was introduced to the Affinia line. Here is why I love the Affinias in Manhattan. Aside from choosing from an array of pillows, you can also have a "stay-fit kit" delivered to your room--free of charge. These kits include DVDs and everything that you need to complete them.

I often bring my own DVDs, but regulate them to the no frill just using your own body because I don't want to schlep weights with me. However, now that I can get yoga mats and blocks, weights and more from the hotel it has opened up more options.

Last time I was there I improvised and used a yoga block instead of a playground ball to do Physique 57.

With so many locations in the city I often don't have to worry about not finding an affordable room--which makes work very happy. The Affinia hotels just fit me.

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