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Exercise for how long to burn that?

Johns Hopkins recently conducted a very interesting study: displaying the amount of time you'd need to jog in order to burn off sugary drink calories may be the key to curbing intake. After introducing signs displaying either calorie counts, calorie counts as a percent of recommended daily calorie intake, or the time spent jogging that would be needed to burn off those calories, researchers observed teens and monitored their beverage purchasing habits.

Sales of soda, iced tea and sports drinks dipped, water sales saw an uptick.  While all three types of signs seemed to reduce the number of sugary drinks that were bought, only the signs displaying exercise times had results strong enough to mean researchers knew the decrease in purchases could not be due to simple chance.

I think this is a very cool idea. Even though I am a relatively healthy eater I certainly would think twice before diving into french fries if I knew exactly how many more minutes I would need to work out to burn that off.  It's also probably a lot easier to understand how long you have to run than how many calories you are supposed to be taking in.

I mean did you ever think that on 20-ounce bottle of soda would need 50 minutes of running to burn it off? How many people do that for every soda they pop open?

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