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The Most Un-Yogi Yoga Instructor

Tara Stiles has been called the most un-yogi yoga instructor. I read in a NYT article last July that people in the inner yoga circles criticize her emphasis on yoga for weight loss rather than a lifestyle. For me though, her yoga practice makes me feel better and more centered than some of the others I have tried. I like doing yoga for a number of reasons; (1) stretching, (2) relaxing easy workout for “rest” days, (3) it just feels good; (4) when I am doing yoga more regularly it makes other workouts easier. Tara’s style brings all of that together.

Her two new DVDs (Transformation Yoga: Weight Loss & Balance and Strength and Energy), paired with meditation led by Deepak Chopra, represent this well.  I hardly admit I have only done the meditation once.  It was odd at first, but I can see why I should be doing it more.

The yoga was a great flow. I relaxed, stretched and felt my heart elevate multiple times, particularly during the Strength and Energy. That workout had my arms and legs feeling like jelly after.

I have incredibly tight hips and as a runner am constantly looking for ways to stretch them out. Tara, in both videos, makes it a point to do hip openers and had me regretting that I wasn't more diligent about it.

Her pacing actually allows you to focus on your own practice. Often with yoga DVDs I feel behind and more stressed to catch up, which is odd since I am doing it alone in my living room.

I’m now absolutely hooked on Tara. The next time I am in NYC for work, I may just hustle down to Strala.

(FTC Disclosure: I was given the DVDs for free, but the opinion and review is mine.)

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