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Making a New Behavior Stick

Discipline, willpower and self-control are unsustainable. Eventually, we weaken. It’s great to learn new habits, but if we want to sustain them, we need to change our environment and maintain that change. At work supervisors often provide you feedback, tell you what you could do better and offer advice on making the process go smoother.

For instance, maybe you don’t communicate clearly or frequently enough. You try really hard to communicate more and update as much as possible, your supervisor stops following up and boom good terms again.

Then you slip, you fall back into old patterns. We need to restructure our environments so that we are more likely to move forward.

  1. Identify up to five things—no more—that you want to focus on for the year
  2. Take a look at your goals  and see how they fit into what you need to accomplish each day
  3. Sit down with someone else and show them your goals, have someone help you meet them

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