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Keeping a Strength Training Routine

Since the wedding I put on just a few of the pounds I lost, probably a combination of the cruise and not strength training as much. For some reason I just can't get into a groove with that when I am not working with a trainer. I have all these great routines that my trainers and magazines have given me yet, I still can't maintain it. I tried writing down the routine on a piece of paper and taking it with me. It worked for a hot second, but then I got bored just listening to my music and standing there.

I've thought about attending Body Pump or something of that nature, but really have a hard time in strength training classes. I guess I don't feel it is tailored enough for me. Maybe it is the stigma that keeps me from continuing. Very rarely do I see women strength training on their own, so I always feel like the guys are watching my every move in that mirror--thinking "why is she over here, taking up my bench."

I hit up CXWorx on the regular, but that is mostly core with some arms and legs. I need to get with a new program that keeps me on track and motivates me to actually keep up with it.

How do you keep up your strength training routine? Would love some tips so my arms won't be so jiggly anymore.

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